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„Must Have” Social Platforms for Your Business

In Online Marketing by OLM

Of the hundreds, even thousands of existing social sites online, quantity is not more important than the quality and time invested in increasing brand awareness and profitability. Although I do not deny the importance of research by field and creating accounts on websites dedicated to specific industries, there are several social channels are a “Must” for any business.

1. Facebook. 955 million users. Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Can be used in creating a business page, promoting products, creating events, competitions and paid advertisements.

2. Twitter. 288 million users. Twitter is based on the publication of news in less than 140 characters. Requires regular posts, even several times in one day in order to generate traffic.

3. GooglePlus. 343 million users. 2nd largest online social network. Synchronization with Gmail offers the chance to easily add contacts, which can be segmented into “circles”. An extra step is creating an account on Google Places for Business, which offers the benefit of physical positioning the business and receiving reviews from customers.

4. LinkedIn. 175 million users. Biggest resume platform. Also has the option to create a page for your company, but most interactions occur in discussion groups on areas of interest.

5. Youtube. 490 million users. Videos platform with over one billion unique visitors per month. Creating a proper channel, publishing original videos on services, products and business values leads to subscriptions and traffic to the website.

6. Pinterest. 25 million users. Visual platform for a predominantly female audience. The creation a business page is made by verifying the website. Value is brought by the visual panels created on topics of interest that highlight your products and services.

7. Instagram. 100 million users. Social platform to share photos. Filters and tags accompanied by photos in real time provide increased credibility and loyalty towards the brand.

8. Foursquare. 25 million users. Location social platform. Promoting the physical location of the business through “check-ins” of clients and visitors. In addition to promoting location, you can generate traffic through offers, promotions or rewards.

Active presence on all channels must be constant and continuous. The messages must always be the same on all channels. It is necessary to establish a schedule of posts and content to increase brand awareness but also credibility. These social platforms involve a full time job. Give importance and attention for lasting results.