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Taking advantage of Email Marketing

In Online Marketing by OLM

Of all methods of communication in the virtual environment, in terms of accessibility, email marketing has a place in the top 3, if not first. Worldwide there are 3.2 billion email addresses and 91% of its users verify their mail every day. Did you know that the number of email accounts is 3 times the number of users of Facebook and Twitter put together? Therefore, why not take advantage of email marketing?

If you’re not convinced of the benefits of email marketing, we will list some in order for you to start taking advantage of them immediately.

1. Increased lifespan. Facebook posts ​​only reach 15-20% of the fans if they are not promoted and are viewed in half an hour after posting. The life of a tweet is 5 minutes. An email requires an action from the user. Whether it is reading or removing it, it will always be visible in the mailbox of a user regardless of the time.

2. Wish to receive information. This remark assumes that you have not bought your list mailing but have used a method of registration to the newsletter, news, information for interested visitors. Therefore, visitors expressed voluntarily and absolutely desire to receive periodic emails from your website.

3. Measurable results. Unlike other methods of promotion, an email value is easy to calculate. Tracking systems integrated in the email service providers such as Mailchimp, iContact, Aweber, etc.. provide information such as opening rate, rate of clicks, what links were accessed etc.

4. Favors promotional materials. 77% of users prefer to receive promotional content in the newsletters they subscribe to. Only 4% prefer promotional materials on Facebook, and 0% on LinkedIn. In an email you can include a lot more offers, promotional content, codes, coupons and information that can generate both traffic and sales on your website.

5. Accessibility and mobility. The emergence of smartphones and tablets has led to a revolution on the accessibility of information. 66% of Gmail emails are opened on mobile devices. Shopping, as well, is accessible by pressing a key on your phone. Applications for reading emails are preinstalled on smartphones. Email content tailored for mobile devices generates 40% of unique clicks.

These are just some of the benefits of integrating email marketing into your online marketing strategy. Methods of creating subscribers list, emails design, the messages transmitted, frequency and content are just the beginning of generating profitability by email. It is recommended to turn to specialists in this field to get optimal results. But the results will be obvious.

One thing to remember: do not spam, regardless of the desired or promised results.